Saturday, October 3, 2015

fall onto me

last camp trip//2015
Blueheart Springs
Snake River
row row row my boat
lunch break
taking a dip in the fountain of youth
clearest most beautiful water Blueheart Springs ID
1,000 springs!
Miracle Hot Springs
Shoshone Idaho
catch you on the flip flop

Monday, September 28, 2015

9 years in September (ps. HBD2me!)

2015 happy birthday to me @thedish 
2014 main bish
2013 ran out of gas on the way to Vegas w/LaChelle but an old guy saved us
2012 party w/britty babe
2011 out the bottle w/breanna
2010 out in the Owyhees shooting guns and finding dead thangz
2009 shots with the homies in Moscow
2008 catching cheeto poofs w/carli
it was also my day @flyingpiepizza ;)
2007 camping w/santa booties
2006 camping

girls eating in the tub

these are incredible oil paintings by American realist painter, Lee Price
love, love

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