Friday, February 24, 2017

I'm on the request line..

 The cute little work out dance you do while brushing your teeth 
 Reconnecting with an old friend 
 The little lines in the snow made from the geese walking around in the park
Re-gifting an anal plug 
 How a chest wax can change your life 
 The yell you make when you die in your video game 
 A cats purr 
 Kids that call their parents by their first name
 Turning on a little R&B to unwind 
 When people you're with know random facts about places
 Putting a bindi on just to stay home 
  When you put extra deodorant on before seeing certain people 
 Stopping at the gas station early before work on a foggy day
 When song lyrics match your life 
 Pulling the cord to get the bus to stop 
Smiling with teeth

Saturday, February 4, 2017

14 Best Feels

Cars that have personalities 
 Horchata latte's 
 How construction guys always have thier truck windows down 
 When a donkey and a horse are best friends 
 Coloring my bathwater 
 The sound of rain on the roof in the car 
 Going to the farm store just to look at the baby chicks 
Learning someone's been calling your work and hanging up when you answer just because they miss your voice 
A grandma's wink
 Eating a pineapple core like corn on the cob 
 Speaking in all CAPS
 When someone tells you a lot of their favorite times are with you 
 Throwing up gang signs, with mittens on 
 The strength I have to move furniture when I'm all alone 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

do you like me? yeah, ofc i like you.

“Making jokes is your way of saying ‘Do you love me?’ and when someone laughs you think they’ve said yes.” - Melissa Bank

Monday, December 21, 2015

earths best feelings #9

learning a new handshake from someone you just met and knowing you have an instant forever connection

coming out of the after after party at 5 am holding hands with a beautiful stranger

walking down a completely empty calm fog filled street together

sparking zippers

the face he makes while flossing

reading poetry together and it not being cheesy

the 'i'm getting beard burn while kissing but not caring' kind of smooch

the shimmy you do when you dry your back off with a towel

getting drunk off you
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